Dog Poo on the Trike Wheels

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Dog Poo on the Trike Wheels Penny Attiwill takes a gleeful swipe at the toddler years, showing once again that the kids are in total control of your life. From vomit bugs and competitive ‘yummy mummies’ to the appalling bribes and threats you use to cajole your tiny dictators through their day, it’s all here and more.

With pithy text and charming 1950s-style illustrations, Dog Poo on the Trike Wheels takes a wry look at those days in a young mum’s life when, with an infant attached to one boob and your toddler ruthlessly thumping the other to get your attention again, you long to be anywhere but here.

Dog Poo on the Trike Wheels is the sequel Dog Poo on the Pram Wheels, another delightful laugh-out-cry-out-loud book for mums.

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